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BECReative Energy is dedicated to creating opportunities for students pursuing clean energy and carbon capture. We are a group of undergraduate engineering student at Mississippi State University. As our technology progresses forward, we hope to not only reduce the massive amount of CO2 emitted in the United State, but also help likeminded students pursue a cleaner, greener future.


At BECReative we are developing a way to effectively disrupt the carbon cycle and capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the use of a multi-stage gasification process.


After capturing the CO2 we will use geological storage to sequester away the CO2, sending it underground for long term storage.


Our process has the potential to, not only reduce the total emission per year, but also created a green source of energy.

Colby Freeman is a senior Biological Engineering student at Mississippi State University. He started BECReative Energy with the vision to create opportunities for students in the renewable energy and carbon capture space. He was part of the presentation team for MSU Energy Club’s Solar Decathlon 2021 Design Challenge finalist team. While at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in summer 2021, he researched metabolic models for algae to improve lipid productivity for biofuel production.

Colby Freeman, Founder and Biological Capture Team Lead

Emiliano is a senior at Mississippi State University studying Biological Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering. He is a founding member of BECReative Energy and joined this project to fight against Climate Change. He believes that sequestering and utilizing CO2 will be the key for mitigating the effects of Climate Change and creating a carbon negative future.

Emiliano Estrada, Market Analysis Team Lead

Licensed Chemical Engineer Intern,  Computational Science student, and lifelong learner, I hope to use my skills to help develop, model, implement, and maintain processes that are sustainably carbon-negative to help achieve a more desirable future for our world than what researchers predict is our current path.

Dalton Winans-Pruitt, Mechanical Capture Team Lead


A team of undergrad engineering students from Mississippi State university working to decrease the national carbon footprint.

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Without the help of Dr. Fei Yu and Dr. Amin Amirlatifi, we could not have made it to the point we are at. If you would like to learn more about their amazing research, you can visit these links.

Dr. Yu’s Laboratory

Dr. Amirlatifi’s Research